At first Dr. Koch (Dipl.-Biologist) had the idea to help and advise the operators of biogas plants in the biological and technical matter. The care and support of the plants, but also the farmers themselves should come first. The care is today still an important point, but what´s about the lab?

In March 2009, we established WATTRIX with the aim of building a qualified, successful company in the sector of biogas - doing an own lab was not
(yet) in the front line. Even we have initially sent our samples to other laboratories, but provided us another service: that was the birth of WATTRIX laboratory. Beginning with the FOS/TAC - titration and a pH meter, we expanded (and we still do) continuous and constantly our portfolio - from the GC analysis of the organic acids, on to the Weender analysis for determining the gas potential up to our highlight: our own ICP -OES for trace element analysis!

Another milestone we set in the spring of 2012 with the accreditation at the German Accreditation DAkkS - 2013, we have been successfully re-accredited. Meanwhile, almost all of our methods are accredited - even our own in-house method on GC for the determination of organic acids (a rarity in the industry).

Oh, not forgetting who we are: Dr. Melanie Koch and Sina Beckmann, two realists who want one: every customer should get really good advices!


Dr. Melanie Koch

Dipl. Biologist

manager & shareholder

Sina Beckmann, B.A. 

Bachelor of Arts (international management)

manager & shareholder


best friend and companies dog